The purpose of Elevate is to continue providing the resources needed to move forward in ministry.


We’ve set a goal of elevating our level of stewardship, including finances and spiritual gifts. We are praying that generosity will be elevated, involvement will be elevated and, as a result, our ability to reach our community for Christ will be elevated.


Funds received through Elevate will offset the rising costs associated with Gateway’s current and future growth. Examples of financial needs that will be met through Elevate include monthly mortgage payments on our new facility, start-up funds for our new weekday preschool program beginning next fall and subsidizing additional staff required due to church growth. Our hope is that each of us will begin to pray now about how each member can take the next step up in our stewardship of time, talent and treasure.


The Elevate program focuses on all areas of stewardship: your time, talent and treasure. It is a call for everyone to individually pray and commit as led by the Holy Spirit to taking a step up (or a step forward) in their spiritual walk by challenging and furthering their own current stewardship endeavors.



How am I glorifying God with what He has entrusted to me?


Consider how trusting God more fully with your finances can benefit the lives of others and their spiritual health and well-being. Financial stewardship is all about is admitting who has claim to all that we possess.



How am I using my time and talent to glorify the Lord?  How am I connecting with others at Gateway?


The Discipleship Card gives you an opportunity to consider and elevate your relationships with others and involvement in ministry.  Please pray about how you can increase your commitment by involvement and connecting with others.